Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Last week of Hell

It is finally here!
For college students (that would be me), it is the last week of classes then it is the dreaded finals week of hell. I'm sure everyone is not entirely the happiest they've ever been these two weeks.

 I mean, Lindsay doesn't seem ecstatic for finals.

  Finals week welcomes you like the devil welcomes you to the fiery pits of hell--a diabolical smile with the knowledge of your utmost upcoming torture.

 Okay. This guy had different intentions in Hocus Pocus.

If you catch my drift...

Now the commencement of torture for finals week, but it doesn't have to be ALL that bad. Here are some tips to lesson the stress during these next couple weeks for students: 

1. Exercise! I know for me personally, exercise is a wonderful way to de stress. It releases some happy hormones or whatever they're called. Either way, exercise is a plus. 

2. Eat healthy, well-balanced meals. I know, it is so goddamn tempting to snack for 3 years on that bag of potato chips (not that it would take that long, those bags are half air), but you must resist!

3. Do not forget to take a couple study breaks. I don't know how people can study for 6 hours straight without wanting to tear their eyes out, but in any case, always give your brain a break. Do a something for a half hour such as going on a walk, write [kind of like what I'm doing right now (mind blown)], or simply just knit or something. I don't know what you people do for fun.
There are several more pieces of wisdom I could bestow upon you, but I will leave my advice at that. Mostly because I highly doubt any of you want me to keep rambling on.

Study on folks! You can do this!

Just do it