Monday, January 25, 2016




These snowed in days are filled with hopes of snuggling with that girl you always wanted to, well, snuggle up with, snow angels, hot chocolate, and ultimately no school 
(Oh, and maybe a little drinking, maybe). 
Although, I must say not having class today was fantastic, I still dislike snow for eternity. Unfortunately, I didn't get to snuggle or drink hot chocolate all day. I watched my favorite Travel Channel's TV show, Ghost Adventures. Don't get me wrong I enjoy watching three steroid filled men chasing ghosts and screaming, "Dude!" and "Oh my God, dude!" every five seconds (I love it).
I was completely and totally okay with doing this all day. When I say I did this all day, I did perform this activity all. day. Not joking. Not at all. But hey, I didn't have the stereotypical college student drinking booze fest this BLIZZARD 2K16. Guess I'll have to wait another 20 years. 
Oh well. I'm just going to "Do my Thang." 

Friday, January 22, 2016

Quick Pic

Now, this may be just me, BUT I think I am seeing a resemblance.
Both, equally horrifying.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

What? You Were Maybe Expecting Penwasser Place?

    Well, tough titties, because you're actually here at Kenna's Korner.  Which, okay, is pretty similar in style and tone to Penwasser Place.  In fact, you wouldn't be far wrong to call it identical.  But, it really isn't because, after all, I wasn't born in the Eisenhower Administration.  In fact, I was born during the Clinton Administration so some of the stuff
"Speaking of tough titties."
you'll find here is significantly more hip, more "with it" than anything you'll find over there.  Over there, you'll find pictures of men humping fish.  Over here, you'll find pictures of Miley Cyrus.  Which, some guys may think is pretty close to the same thing.

    Which means that Kenna's Korner is actually pretty close to Penwasser Place.
    See what I did there?  Although, the image of fish sex is a little unsettling.
    Anyway, speaking of Penwasser Place, I've asked the proprietor of said establishment to pen (short for "penwasser," a short (he promised) post.  So, without further know him as "Al."  I know him as "Dad"  (seriously, has anyone NOT figured that out?).
    Let's give it up for Al Penwasser!

"Good afternoon, Kenna.  Can I call you 'Kenna?'" 
"Certainly!  Can I call you 'Al?'"
"Certainly not.  Shall I go ahead?"
"Sure...yeah...go ahead."

    Anyway, I'd like to thank my daughter for allowing me to visit her humble place.  As I told you over at Penwasser Place, this is my first guest post, so I hope I'm doing it right.  It doesn't seem too difficult.  After all, it's not like I'm setting up a healthcare website, is it?
    I gotta tell you, I was very pleased to see that Kenna started her own blog, through no persuasion on my part.  Mostly, because it should be her decision.  But, also, how much time do you think it takes to come up with uproariously funny Captain Captions week after week?  
    I also didn't try to steer her in this direction or that.  Of course, I did make a couple suggestions.  For instance, the first name for her blog was something like Ramblings of a White Girl.  I thought it was kinda funny, but she didn't immediately understand how, in today's day and age, it might be perceived.  Bad enough her last name is Lynch (come ON, does anybody NOT know THAT!?).
"Oh, we wouldn't mind, dear.
Now have you seen that nice colored girl with our ice tea and cheese sandwiches?"

    That all said, I was surprised that her tone, her style, her "schtick" is very similar to my own.  Except for the "man humping fish" thing.
"The Farce is strong in her."

    If I've learned nothing else in the years I've been a wildly successful, award-winning author who cleans toilets for a living, I've learned that keeping blog posts short and (dear Lord, I hope) funny is the way to go.  Including a couple pictures along the way also (dear Lord, I hope) helps keep people interested.  Pictures with captions are also a fantastic idea, as well.  They (dear Lord, I hope) hold peoples' interest.  If nothing else, they provide easy material for a quick comment as readers scroll through the post.
Okay, maybe not so successful

    For that, you all are welcome.
    Luckily, Kenna's Korner already does that.  My biggest suggestion to her is that she keep a "picture library" on file.  That way, she can quickly go to her list rather than Google a particular image.
Plus, this could really raise Search Engine flags.

    Finally, I suggested she go with one or two posts a week.  Most importantly, she can concentrate on her work as a college student-she'll be graduating in May.  Plus, one post a week will keep the things fresh, resulting in an excited readership who just can't wait to read each new entry.  You know, like a Penwasser Place (dear Lord, I hope).
    So, in keeping with my advice, I'm going to keep this short and go fishing.    
Hey, she brought it up.
    Thanks, Kenna, for letting me visit!

    "You're more than welcome.  Lucky for me, this guest post has met the criteria for only one post a week so I'm set till next weekend.  But, before I go, how 'bout a little Miley?" 

Hmm...maybe he's on to something with that fish thing.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy New Year!

I know that's what you're all thinking.
I haven't been around in over a month, and I am still kicking myself for it. Regardless I normally wouldn't use memes, but I found this quite necessary being that I have been a "you know what" and fell off the face of the Earth. 

In case anyone was worried (probably not), I am out of hibernation and ready to start writing again. 

I know, we're impressed. 

The topic I would like to discuss today is 2015.

I swear I won't talk too long. But here is just a couple things I am thinking are worth discussing being that it is the New Year. 


I'll start a hashtag for this one: #STOPMANBUNS2016. Just stop. 
First of all, 10$ for an attachable man bun? Pass.
Second, I am not saying I hate the style necessarily, BUT the clip ons are just a no in my opinion.

#2 Now I am sincerely asking....when did he become popular again? I know the whole redeeming himself album, and the Justin Bieber roast, but all of sudden he is a huge thing again. Just wondering.

On a side note, he resembles someone pretty familiar with that new haircut.
Just saying.

Any way, I could really go on about 2015, but let's just leave it at that and agree it was a good year, and we are all looking forward to this coming year.

Happy Holiday's ya'll!