Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Happy New Year!

I know that's what you're all thinking.
I haven't been around in over a month, and I am still kicking myself for it. Regardless I normally wouldn't use memes, but I found this quite necessary being that I have been a "you know what" and fell off the face of the Earth. 

In case anyone was worried (probably not), I am out of hibernation and ready to start writing again. 

I know, we're impressed. 

The topic I would like to discuss today is 2015.

I swear I won't talk too long. But here is just a couple things I am thinking are worth discussing being that it is the New Year. 


I'll start a hashtag for this one: #STOPMANBUNS2016. Just stop. 
First of all, 10$ for an attachable man bun? Pass.
Second, I am not saying I hate the style necessarily, BUT the clip ons are just a no in my opinion.

#2 Now I am sincerely asking....when did he become popular again? I know the whole redeeming himself album, and the Justin Bieber roast, but all of sudden he is a huge thing again. Just wondering.

On a side note, he resembles someone pretty familiar with that new haircut.
Just saying.

Any way, I could really go on about 2015, but let's just leave it at that and agree it was a good year, and we are all looking forward to this coming year.

Happy Holiday's ya'll!


  1. Ok, the Miley Cyrus thing had me laughing,
    So I'm NOT supposed to wear the man bun on the seat of my pants?
    I always thought that seemed redundant.

  2. That's what I was thinking too. It goes on the head? Pretty silly considering the hair around it in my case. And yeah, the Bieb is all over the charts. That's why I do my own every Friday.

    1. If you want yourself a quality man bun, they're apparently only $10. Such a "good" price for a bun..

    2. If I was to get one of those I might as well get a "toup" with it. Then I could look like trump with a topknot.

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