Thursday, November 19, 2015

 Tis' the Season of Bloating and Food Comas

Ah yes, Thanksgiving is t-minus one week from today. Yes, it is already Thanksgiving time. It is time for over eating, over drinking, and lots of questions from your family that you must answer about 50 times throughout the entirety of the day. 

I think my favorite time of November though is the two weeks between November 1st and Thanksgiving. Now, it sounds insane because nothing interesting happens then besides the bi-polar weather (& Veteran's Day). The reason why I enjoy those two weeks is because I enjoy seeing the incredibly anxious Christmas celebrators who decorate on November 1st and start their Christmas caroling immediately following taking down their Halloween decorations. Fal la la la la it is Christmas time 

In contrast, there is so "Bahh humbug" people who just can't quite get into spirit. In other words, these are are the bitter people who rant on social media about how it is not "Christmastime" and there is still Thanksgiving, blah blah. The clashing between both sides is purely entertaining. 

Remember though, no matter what ANYONE says, there is time at any time of the year to watch "Elf." 
Everyone on Thanksgiving^
See a bit of both holidays? Compromise.

Anyways, Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas ***pause for angry rants about how it is not Christmas yet. 
 I'll leave you with some nice Christmas spirit from Miley.
Looks like Santa is drinking a lot of Eggnog there.


Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Here is some inspiration to keep everyone's hopes up on this beautifully cold and rainy day..

Remember whenever you are down and you just have no motivation to be productive, you have to: 
Just do it,
& don't let your dreams be dreams. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Halloweekend to an End

All the pumpkin picking pictures, the spooks, and the awkward month filled with chilly mornings and blazing hot afternoons are coming to a close as November begins.

Now, I am not in any way "hating" on these concepts because I know I am guilty of it myself. The pumpkin spice lattes are my guilty pleasure, and you can't go pumpkin picking without taking basic pictures. So, I get it. You can't go wrong with going to at least a million haunted attractions throughout the month of October. 

Yes, I dressed up for Halloween as well. I didn't do anything too crazy. If any 90's babies recall Doug, I was the main character's love interest, Patti Mayonnaise. If you still are deprived of a childhood and still don't know who I am talking about here's a visual image: 
 There you go.
Halloween is filled with multiple types of people, and to be honest, you see more of some people than is probably necessary. 

In my opinion, there are three types of people on Halloween. 

Firstly there's people who, as I mentioned before, probably reveal a bit. Or a lot. 

Because I'm a mouse, duh.
Secondly, there's the people who in Lindsay Lohan's case, didn't get the memo on the "slut" rule.
Then there's the third type of person on Halloween (which is my personal favorite). That would be the people who just dress for humor. Unfortunately, I don't have a Mean Girls reference for this one, but here's some Miley again. 
haha sike. 

In all seriousness though, Halloween is easily one of my favorite holidays; you can be anyone for a night (or 3). It's also a day where you can't be judged for what you wear or who you are. It's just all silly and fun, and you can't go wrong with that.

Now time for Thanksgiving. 
Or Christmas...either way.