Friday, May 27, 2016

Vacation with Geezer

Hello All!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday afternoon. For today I will combine "Breakfast with Geezer," and my "Trip to Tampa with Geezer." 

Well, whaddyaknow, all topics today involve good ole geezer.

Firstly, we hosted our annual breakfast we have every week. However, this trip involved driving 45 minutes for breakfast.

Remain on the edge of your seat, folks. 

I'll tell you why.

So, long story short I had an appointment 45 minutes away, and so we drive all the way out there just to find out, I can't have the appointment. **sigh** Although, we were a bit bummed we drove out that far for essentially no reason at all, we made a marvelous discovery during the drive back. We found out there is an IHOP in the town we were at. We now can take a trip to IHOP if we must.

I would call that a win. 

Now, onto my trip in Tampa. While driving around in Tampa, there are a few things I noticed that I feel necessary to share. 

1. Holy s*** it's hot down there (I know. No shit).

2. I have a record time of being on the beach for less than hour and still found a way to burn. And yea, I was wearing SPF 50. You heard me. SPF 50.

I know, not that kind of burn. You get the point.

3. There is BOTH several IHOP's and Waffle Houses (and unfortunately Denny's). In fact, there was a Waffle House right down the street from my hotel. 

Incase you wanted proof. There yah go.

4. There are A LOT of Booby Bars. Not even joking. Every other building. 

1 of hundreds.

5. There are A LOT of Hooter's. I found out later on the birthplace of Hooter's is in Clearwater. 

So, duh. 

No, not THAT Napoleon. 

There we go.

So there's that. 

To end for today, let's play "Who did it better?"

This evening's edition: 

"Who did the duck face better?"

I must say, Donald Trump is impressive, BUT Miley has an ACTUAL DUCK FACE. It's a tough decision. Ya'll can decide for yourselves.

And with that, have a fantastic weekend!