Wednesday, September 23, 2015


It really (in Peter Griffin's words) grinds my gears when drivers don't put their turn signals on. Like, come on. What brought on this sudden anger is when I was driving home yesterday someone didn't use their turn signal and it drove me nuts. I mean here I am just driving along a busy road behind this car who, ALL OF A SUDDEN, just slows down super fast. I'm thinking, what the hell is going on here? Then, he just turns. LIKE OKAY. Thank you for letting me know buddy. 

I just get so frustrated with this because it's super dangerous to other drivers. I just would like to not get into an accident because someone fails to take two seconds to put their signals on. 

Oh, and my favorite is when the turning signal is left on for 10 miles. Woo that's a hoot.

Point being, here's some advice: Please use your turning signals, and when you do dear God please remember to turn it off because it is so annoying watching your light blink on and off for an hour. 

Here's a link to learn how to use a turning signal if anyone ever gets confuzzled.

<3 Mack

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  1. Play this game for those who leave their turn signals on:
    With each flash, say "Stupid."
    You'll still be pissed, but at least you can giggle.
    On the other hand, you might have a problem with people who are wondering why you're giggling to yourself.