Thursday, March 31, 2016

"Breakfast with Geezer"

Welcome back!

I will be continuing my exercise tips next week, but something different for today.

I want to introduce a new weekly post I will be doing. In addition to my usual [awesome] blog posts, I am beginning a segment titled...

 "Breakfast with Geezer."
Now this isn't breakfast with geese or anything.
(I wouldn't want to anyway. Apparently they're vicious, who knew)?

"Breakfast with Geezer" is a segment about my breakfast trips with my dad every week. As you all probably know, you may know my father as Al Penwasser. If you have any type of sense of humor, you'll visit his blog page You will not regret it, he is hysterical. I mean where else would I get my fantastic sense of humor from? 

Yeah me neither. Anyways, my dad and I visit several diners throughout our area and I am going to begin writing about it every Thursday. So, not ONLY will you have one post a week from me, you'll have TWO posts a week!

Since, I am presenting this wonderful news to you, I'll stop for today so you take in the thought of me posting twice a week. 

See you next time!

And remember, whenever you're feeling down, and don't want to do anything. Just do it!
Oh Miley.

(Incase anyone was wondering, Al is not offended by being called Geezer). 


  1. Plus I get senior citizen discounts at Bob Evans.
    So I have that going for me.
    Which is nice.

    1. You have more senior discounts coming up in a few years

  2. The title makes it all worthwhile...

  3. The thought is slowly sinking in

  4. Tell me that Miley picture is photoshopped.