Thursday, April 14, 2016

"Breakfast with Geezer"

For this week, my dad and I went to Quakertown Family Restaurant. Now, the only thing that drives me nuts about going there is the location. It's a maze trying to get into that parking lot. Otherwise, it's a great place. Great people. I do enjoy the wide selection they have on their menu, but I don't seem to venture anywhere past the breakfast menu being that I really only go there for breakfast. Besides, I can only handle trying to maneuver around Route 309 so many times.

Anyways, my dad (who I will refer to as Al from now on) and I both got there close to the same time. I parked in a different parking lot--because, you know, I can't handle the maze-like fashion of trying to get to that parking lot--and we both looked at each other and started texting each other funny things like teenage girls. 

You're probably wondering what these jokes are, and if you're not...well, I'm going to tell you anyway. 

There is a short clip of some sort floating around on Twitter of a piece of Adele's new(ish) song, "Hello." This particular footage is from a portion of the music video for this song, and essentially it combines that music video with a clip from Spongebob Squarepants. Don't even ask me what Spongebob is because that hurts me if you don't know what that show is.

Anyways, Al and I were texting quotes from this clip while still sitting in our cars. Obviously, the way I am explaining it makes this SIGNIFICANTLY less funny. I swear it's funny.

I swear. 

When Al and I finally decided to stop giggling to ourselves in our cars, we finally went inside and got some breakfast. We always have the struggle of whether getting breakfast from the "French Toast Food Group" or the "Egg Family." Every week, it's either egg day or pancake/french toast day, and we never fail to tell the waitress that (like they care). Yeah, we are those people. Telling the poor waitress unnecessary and useless crap that she doesn't really want to know. What are yah going to do? However, I am a waitress myself, and I personally love when people talk to me about random stuff. Well, I do love to talk so I can enjoy talking and talking with the customer. I guess that's why Al and I go on and on and on. 

We both decided today was "Egg Day." Although, I was not comfortable with the decision. I really wanted some french toast, but I couldn't handle "Jimmy Special," which essentially has one of everything. I'd probably explode if I tried to conquer that. 

I think it'd be like that episode in Scrubs when JD's head explodes, and Dr. Cox is incredibly nonchalant about the ordeal. 

Okay, I don't think that's relevant, but holy crap that show is funny.

Anyways, that's it from me for today. Hope you enjoyed the very first "Breakfast with Geezer." There's many more to come. Next week, I'll go back to helping all of you "beginning gym-goers" look like this:

 Work Hard, Twerk Hard. 
That's Miley's philosophy. What an inspiration.


  1. Technically, you could order french toast on egg day since you do dip the bread in an egg mixture.

  2. Well maybe the waitress will one day have use for the useless crap, you never know. Goo no heads blew off too.