Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Okay, so apparently red lipstick is a thing right now? Now, I won't act like I haven't done it. I mean I was a dancer (well, attempted) for 16 something years and I had to beautify my lips with firetruck red lipstick to stand out in the crowd. But, to be honest I think my awkward tripping and poor performance of dance was enough of a strategy to stand out.

I'll admit it though, even with this whole rant, I did drive to CVS and purchase red and bright pink lipstick..***sigh***. You could call this hypocritical, but to be honest I wanted to find out what the obsession and hype of this fashion style is.  I hate saying it, but it's actually kind of fancy as hell wearing red lipstick. I have discovered though that I could not just wear it around for fun, but when going out somewhere, it's nice. 

Except when drinking out of glasses, that shit gets everywhere. 

 As I am typing this, a Miley Cyrus song came on, ironically considering I just ranted about her in my last post, so I will leave you with this... 

Have a wonderful day!
<3 Mack
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Hey look kids, it's some red lipstick!

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