Thursday, October 29, 2015

You know how I feel every morning?
It would be a combination of this:

Or this:
(You can't go wrong with throwing Lord of the Rings into anything)

Thou does make a point.

Any way...back to my main point. I discovered the aggravating truth last night when I had a terrible headache equivalent to being hit by a truck (I know I'm basic with my metaphors, sue me). Regardless, I am sitting at dinner asking myself why have I had this consistent headache all day that no amounts of Advil and Aleve would reALEVE me from (haha get it?)? 

Then I finally realized: 
I never had my daily dose of caffeine that day. I am so accustomed to downing an unhealthy amount of coffee mixed with my pre-workout every day that without it I felt with drawl, yes with drawl, symptoms from not ingesting caffeine. 

Goes to show, caffeine with drawl symptoms are a real thing. A throbbing head ache all day: not fun. That's not even going into detail on how tired I was.

To all you caffeine addicts out: I get it. 

I'll always remember my daily dose of caffeine addiction so I can feel like this everyday:

Smile on folks.