Friday, February 5, 2016

Just Wear a Hat

Today, I really would like to talk about a serious issue in the world of women. This kind of problem makes us cringe and convinces ourselves the right to be slapped in the face by beauty itself.

Bad hair days.

The reason I feel the obligation to discuss this topic is because I suffer from this "fashion emergency" at least a few days a week, if not, nearly everyday. For instance, a couple days ago I was getting ready for class. Now, maybe I should've showered that day, but does that really matter [it does]? 

Anyways, I did every type of style on my head possible to fix this issue. 

1. I threw my hair up in a bun, but of course with this new haircut I am sporting-- this entices loads of layers--I unfortunately failed miserably being that all the "layers" have this desire to fly down providing me with a wispy hairstyle. 

2. I tried braids, but again, those nasty little "layers" fly out of my head some more. 

3. My last attempt was a pony tail, but unfortunately since I failed my first initial task to shower, that idea flew out the window. 

Ladies, just wear a hat and be done with it.
Mackenna didn't shower that day.
She had a bad hair day.
Mackenna suffered a beauty disaster.
Don't be like Mackenna.

Be Jennifer Aniston.
Always be Jennifer Aniston.
Or just try your best.


  1. Or save time and go bald, like yer dad and me...

    1. excellent point, then you have no worries about a bad hair day at all!

  2. A low maintenance winter 'do usually works best.
    Unless you're Britney.
    That's batshit crazy.

    1. At least she doesn't have to worry about a day hair day

  3. Yep, a hat works just fine and some guys find that pretty cute...on women AL! Take yer hat off, geez.

  4. Or just go get a fancy wig that resembles your hair, then use that on bad hair days. Viola! Jennifer Aniston always. A hat is probably easier though.

    1. If only being Jennifer Aniston was that easy *sigh*