Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Thinking way into mundane things

Tonight as I am sitting here drinking a cup of the finest coffee I am wondering about a lot. Now, let me elaborate since I sound painfully vague right now. 

First, I'm wondering why I haven't taken advantage of these Victoria's Secret coupons lying right beside me on my desk (yes, I looked up which form of "lying" to use because quite frankly the English language is f***** up). I would've had billions--okay not billions--but I would have some good deals on items there if I just got off my sorry behind. 

Anyway, that really is not the main goal of my post today. **PHEW** Right? Could you imagine if I sat here for 25 minutes talking about panties and bras? Ha ha. Ha.
See? Kanye thinks I'm funny. 
Yikes, or not. 

The real topic I was sincerely thinking about today while drinking my coffee was the concept of coffee mugs. Now, listen real quick. I know you're thinking "What the eff" does it matter? Who gives a flying "you know what" about coffee mugs. Now, let me elaborate real quick here. 

I was sitting here drinking out of my Edgar Allen Poe mug, and I realized that the type of mugs we use really tells the world about us. Now if you don't know who Edgar Allen Poe is, I'll explain in a quick few words. He was a poet from the 1800's who was incredibly infamous for his unquestionable darkness he expressed in his poems. Like my goodness, that man gives you the chills. Not joking. Just look him up. Here's a picture for reference if you know, want to know what he looks like for whatever reason. 
I must say though that the mustache "really adds a little something extra don't cha think?"

Anyways, what made me choose this kind of mug? What does it say about me? This particular mug has a bunch of Poe's famous lines written all over the mug, plus an absolutely dashing picture of him. This mug could mean I am a die hard poet fan who likes reading dark and fantastic poems, or it could mean I like the colors and it was a good price at the "Poe Evermore" performance I went to back in November. Who knows, but I went out of my way to present that mug. 

Or for instance, I also have a mug with zebra stripes and purple surrounding the whole circumference of the cylinder. I do like purple, and I make sure the general public knows that singular fact about me; yes I also went through a zebra print obsession phase back in freshman year.

Even coffee mugs represent what we are apart of. I have a couple mugs representing my university. 
My brother even collects coffee mugs; he brings a fun coffee mug into work every day. I don't blame him though, because I do plan on doing something like that once I am a true big shot adult.
 It is not that time yet. 

For now, I am going to continue to sit here and think too much into coffee mug selections. 

Oh yeah, and how about that Super Bowl?

That felt so incredibly necessary. Plus, that women next to Eli just looks so happy.

Congrats Broncos!
"I like it a loooooootttt."